The Collins Group is a highly skilled and trained division experienced in carrying out projects from large sports stadiums and racecourses to small fields & parks including everything from top dressing to a total redesign & construction.

The Division offers a wide range of services including : Project Design and Construction of major playing Fields, Laying Collins turf in Jumbo and Mini rolls, Topdressing parks and fields…


In recent years Collins Construction Materials Pty Limited have produced quality sand from their Milperra based plant. However with changing technology and increase market demand for sand it was concluded the plant had served its time.

Planning for a new and advanced plant commenced in the early months of 2004. The objective of the project was to construct a plant that would produce superior quality sand at a rate to keep up with increasing market demand.


Collins Sports Turf Pty Limited are able to offer a wide variety of improved turf grasses to the landscape and sportsturf industries. Professis are custom grown, harvested and installed within strict project deadlines.

M. Collins & Sons has been involved in the turf industry since its inception. Today the Collins turf farms are able to offer a wide variety of improved turf grasses to the landscape and sports field…


Collins Quarry & Transport operate a modern fleet of truck and dog tipping vehicles that are based at Narellan.

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