M. Collins & Sons possesses an unequalled level of practical experience, technical expertise and accumulated knowledge from years of involvement with sports stadiums. Much of the company’s reputation within the sportsturf industry has centred on sports stadiums. The company has been involved with both the initial construction and on-going renovation of sports stadiums.


M. Collins & Sons is a major supplier of specialized soils, growing media and sportsturf to Sydney’s metropolitan as well as provincial and country racecourses. The company commenced its operations with the supply of soils to some of Sydney’s oldest racecourses.


M. Collins & Sons provide innovative excellence in the sportsturf industry. The company provides a unique one stop topdressing service for all your topdressing requirements.

Schools & Universities

M. Collins & Sons has a long, extensive history in offering sports field services to Schools, Universities and Colleges. M. Collins & Sons understand unique pressures such as intensive field usage, the need to ensure timely delivery of services when undertaking project works within seasonal and semester constraints and the importance of providing quality, sound advice to decision makers for good long term investments.

M. Collins & Sons (Contractors) Pty Limited offers a diverse ra…


M. Collins & Sons value the extensive, long term relationships built over generations throughout Sydney and Regional Councils. Our ongoing results are achieved through dedicated staff expert in ‘best practice’ tendering and areas of compliance including WHS and environmental policies.

Our approach involves gaining a thorough understanding of the project objective and performance outcome. Through consultation and utilization of Collins quality materials, efficient machinery and equipment a…

Construction & Reseller

M. Collins & Sons operate a fully integrated solution for the construction and reseller market which makes us a viable, economic option. Quality products, tested to meet performance standards & specifications, a transportation division to ensure we deliver on time & in full and a knowledgeable team who develop and blend specialized products consistently.

Collins Construction Materials Pty. Limited offer: 

Licensed and Registered Quarry
Secure reserves of natural resources -…


M. Collins & Sons is a major supplier of construction and topdressing materials to the many golf clubs throughout Sydney and surrounding regions.

The Company’s involvement in the supply of soil and drainage sand materials to many of Sydney’s established golf clubs dates back to the early 1900’s.

M. Collins & Sons production facility has advanced material handling, screening, washing and blending technology to accurately and uniformly mix any construction material to the required sp…

Cricket Wickets

M. Collins & Sons has a long history as a soil supplier with beginnings dating back to 1895 with the supply of cricket wicket soil to Sydney’s earliest cricket grounds, including the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The Company’s modern production facility has the material handling and processing technology to ensure the high quality of the Collins Wicket Soil is maintained.

Our unique product utilizes the technical support and service of a NATA accredited laboratory to ensure an ‘unequalled’…

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