Construction & Reseller

M. Collins & Sons operate a fully integrated solution for the construction and reseller market which makes us a viable, economic option. Quality products, tested to meet performance standards & specifications, a transportation division to ensure we deliver on time & in full and a knowledgeable team who develop and blend specialized products consistently.

Collins Construction Materials Pty. Limited offer: 

  • Licensed and Registered Quarry
  • Secure reserves of natural resources – VENM
  • Technical Expertise
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Certified Weighbridge
  • On site Laboratory for  Internal Testing
  • Off site Laboratory for  External Testing (if required)
  • Production of Bulk, Ongoing or One Off orders
  • Specialised Blends
    • Bio-filtration
    • Structural
    • Bedding
    • Trenching
  • Modern Sand Processing Plant
  • Access Modern Transport Fleet

Recent Projects

Concrete Plants: – Supply of washed sands
Resellers: – Materials in the Raw.

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