Collins Turf Farms are able to offer a wide variety of improved turf grasses to the landscape and sportsturf industries.

Collins Sports Turf can produce washed turf using the most up-to-date washing facilities in the country. Turf may be harvested as conventional mini-rolls or maxi rolls. All of the company’s sportsturf products are supported with sound Technical expertise and service.

  • Turf is delivered daily by company owned turf truck and on arrival turf is unloaded on to the ground with a tailgator.
  • Approximately 50 sq metres per pallet which is the equivalent of one tonne in weight.
  • Orders under 100sq metres will incur a $75 delivery fee.

Contact us for a free quotation now or orders can be placed at head office on (02) 9774 1544.

Collins Turf Farms are able to offer a wide variety of improved turf grasses to the sportsturf and landscape industries.




Village Green is a turf variety that not only looks good, but withstands wear, is very active in winter and is tolerant of drought and low fertiliser environments. Best of all it stays green and soft all year round and maintains a dense cover that stops weeds.

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KIKUYU (Pennisetum clandestinum)

Grown in domestic lawns and renowned for its vigorous habit and growth even during winter in low temperatures. Intolerant to partial shade and some selective herbicides. Kikuyu is an economical variety for large areas.

PALMETTO SOFT LEAF BUFFALO (Stenotuphrum secundatum)

The newest variety of soft leaf buffalo. Palmetto is an exotic variety specifically selected for its distinctive, green coloured stolons improved winter performance and a finer leaf texture. Suited where a high quality and durable sward are required.


The premium couch grass for high quality applications including Sports fields and Golf Tees. Legend couch was selected due to its exceptional winter performance and root growth. Legend possesses a medium leaf texture and sward density.

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Reinforced Legend couch grown on specific media the turf matured to a depth of 50mm thickness used for repair of sportsfields with the ability for instant play. The megayr turf is harvested in 1.2 metre or 2.4 metre width rolls.

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