For many, the sand and soil extraction industry has been perceived as the depletion of non renewable resources and a uncaring despoiler on the environment. In contrast to many other extraction operations this view is of a reasonable perception. Many sand and soil extraction companies believe, a comprehensive environmental impact statement, prepared to provide strategies and methods of their plans to protect and enhance the environment is enough to demonstrate their commitment on environmental issues. At M Collins & Sons, we understand we have a responsibility to the environment and words alone demonstrate only an insignificant commitment to the environment, therefore the company believes actions speak louder than words, as our environmental performance is considered fundamental to the sustainability of the companies future.

M Collins & Sons, environmental policy on the protection of the environment and in particular environmental restoration, extends beyond our responsibility to the environment to changing the communities perception of the sand & soil extraction industry and its impacts on the environment.

Changing the communities perception of the sand & soil extraction industry, while remaining committed to the companies policy of best practices in environmental improvement strategies has proven to be challenging but rewarding. Two of the main features of the M Collins & Sons environmental projects, include the revegetation of post sand & soil extraction operations and bush regeneration of remnant Sydney Coastal River Flat 1 which is positioned adjacent to the sand & soil extraction operations (view photos).

Collins currently employs a team of horticulturalists and bush regenerators, to full fill our environmental obligations. The primary aim of the bush regeneration / revegetation programs are to retain any existing biodiversity, improve the health of remnant Sydney Coastal River Flat Forrest and provide the necessary steps in revegetation to develop vegetation cover characteristic of the Sydney Coastal River Flat Forrest. Over the past 25 years, Collins environmental team have developed and explored alternative techniques on revegetation and bush regeneration. These practices have accomplished significant achievements in all vegetation programs. The effectiveness of these programs can be gauged from the performance of currently eight bush regeneration sites, and the strong diversity of native plant species utilised in revegetation, completing all the structural layers of the Sydney Coastal River Flat Forrest plant community.

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