M. Collins & Sons possesses an unequalled level of practical experience, technical expertise and accumulated knowledge from years of involvement with sports stadiums. Much of the company’s reputation within the sportsturf industry has centred on sports stadiums. The company has been involved with both the initial construction and on-going renovation of sports stadiums.


The construction of North Sydney Oval in 1984 marked the company’s first involvement with construction of a modern stadium using sand-based growing media. Since that time major sports stadiums construction projects have included Sydney Showground and Telstra Stadium (Homebush) and the Sydney Cricket Ground. M. Collins & Sons has a unique range of resources and services for the construction of sports stadiums.

  • Practical and technical knowledge of sports stadium profile construction requirements.
  • Experience and expertise with agronomists, consultants and engineers in the understanding of growing media and drainage design and performance.
  • Material requirements from the company’s own quarry resources of sands and soils tested by NATA-accredited laboratories.
  • Company owned material handling, blending and screening technology to produce any required construction material to specification.
  • Supply of sportsturf grass varieties grown on the company’s own farms including Legend couch (Cynodon spp).


The company has been involved in the renovation and resurfacing of many of the major sports stadiums. The specific range of services for the renovation of sports stadiums available by M. Collins & Sons includes:

  • Precise physical removal of the existing playing surface using dedicated mechanical technology to a nominated profile depth and any required cultivation.
  • Soil importation and re-levelling of the growing media to nominated tolerances.
  • Application of soil amendments and fertiliser products based on soil analyses.
  • Regrassing of the newly prepared playing surface using an improved couchgrass variety of Legend, in either unwashed or washed condition in jumbo rolls.
  • Post-grassing topdressing using the Collins Sportsturf Topdresser and any one of a number of high-quality soil and sand materials.
  • Technical advice and support throughout the duration of the project.

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