Top Dressing Materials

M. Collins & Sons is recognised as a major provider of sports turf topdressing materials within the sporting Industry.


  • Our standard high quality, topdressing sand product.
  • Produced under stringent quality controls at the company owned facility.
  • Specifically blended and screened to fulfill the requirements for a clean sand topdressing of sports fields.
  • Constructed of a high sand content growing medium.
  • Provides a high quality playing surface after brooming.


  • A screened, sandy loam product.
  • Mechanically screened to remove oversize particles and produced under stringent controls.
  • Used to provide additional surface stability for sportsfields.
  • Provides a quality finish for sportsfields.

Lawn Builder

  • Produced under stringent quality control at company owned processing facility.
  • Specially prepared and blended to assist in levelling area and at the same time supplying a source of nutrient.
  • Mechanically screened to remove oversize particles of compost, clay vegetative matter.
  • Contains organic compost which will provide long term benefits to the soil structure by returning organic matter back to the soil.
  • Annual Topdressing with Collins Lawn Builder will improve the moisture retention and reduce compaction within the growing matter.

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