Legend Couch Turf

Legend couch turf is the premium couch grass for high quality applications including Sports fields and Golf Tees. Legend couch is known for its exceptional winter performance and root growth.

Legend couch grass is a beautiful, fine leaf, hard wearing, drought tolerant and resilient turf grass for your home, landscaping or sporting area. Legend Couch Turf is suitable for a wide variety of Commercial and residential applications and has long proven as the grass of choice for stadiums and golf courses around Australia and New Zealand.

Legend Couch Features

Less Water Usage – Less water is required to keep your Legend lawn looking great. Extensive research shows couch grasses provide better drought survival and faster recovery after watering or rainfall than other turf varieties.

High Durability – A Legend couch lawn is extremely durable and resilient. It recovers quick, bouncing back in no time from wear and tear, providing a hard wearing surface for your grassed areas.

Cold & Warm Climates – Legend couch will weather the cold winter better than other couch grasses. It maintains better winter colour and greens up quickly in spring. In warmer regions, it will usually retain full colour for the entire year.

Legend Couch Commercial Applications

Legend was chosen as the best performer from over 400 selections of couch grasses in a 4 year evaluation by the Melbourne Cricket Club.

  • Golf Applications: Legend is the couch grass of choice for many Superintendents at all levels of golf course maintenance from small regional operations to the very top golf courses in Australia.
  • Stadium Turf Applications: Legend couch turf is in play at Telstra Stadium, Suncorp stadium Parramatta Stadium and many more
  • Cricket Wicket Turf Applications: Legend has been used extensively on cricket wickets around Australia since 1993.
  • Tennis Court Turf Applications: Legend couch turf is in play at numerous tennis courts including Kooyong lawn tennis club and royal South Yarra Tennis Club in Victoria

Legend Couch Turf Benefits

  • Dark Blue / Green colour
  • Excellent recuperative ability after wear and drought stress
  • Low water use
  • Rapid establishment
  • Good low temperature colour
  • Excellent Spring green up rate
  • Low thatch accumulation
  • Outstanding performance in a wide range of climates

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Licensed Legend Turf Producer

Collins Sports Turf  produces Legend couch turf using the most up-to-date washing facilities in the country. Couch turf may be harvested as conventional mini-rolls or maxi rolls. All of the company’s sportsturf products are supported with sound technical expertise and service.

Contact us for a free quotation now or orders can be placed at head office on (02) 9774 1544.

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