Top Dressing Soil

M. Collins & Sons is recognised as a major provider of sports turf top dressing soils within the sporting Industry.

M. Collins & Sons has been providing a service to supply and spread topdressing material to many of Sydney’s oldest sporting organisations dating back to the 1900’s.

All topdressing materials are produced under stringent controls from company owned materials to meet the highest quality standards. This enables the company to ensure its clients receive the best possible service and products.

Over the past few years the Company has increased the volume of its clients and today services clients including Sydney’s premier sporting grounds, Councils, Colleges, Universities, Golf Courses and various sporting associations.

M Collins Top Dressing Soil Products Include:


  • A screened, sandy loam product.
  • Mechanically screened to remove oversize particles and produced under stringent controls.
  • Used to provide additional surface stability for sportsfields.
  • Provides a quality finish for sportsfields.

Lawn Builder

  • Produced under stringent quality control at company owned processing facility.
  • Specially prepared and blended to assist in levelling area and at the same time supplying a source of nutrient.
  • Mechanically screened to remove oversize particles of compost, clay vegetative matter.
  • Contains organic compost which will provide long term benefits to the soil structure by returning organic matter back to the soil.
  • Annual Topdressing with Collins Lawn Builder will improve the moisture retention and reduce compaction within the growing matter.

If you would like more information and pricing on Top Dressing Soil you can Contact Us Here > or call our head office on (02) 9774 1544.

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