Update on the first Race Day on the Kensington Track Randwick

Posted on October 10th, 2013

Yesterday, Matt Collins, Frank Casimaty (Strathayr), David Raison (Village Green) and Brett Allen attended the first track meet on the new Kensington Track at Randwick Racecourse. This incorporated the Strathayr profile with Collins Washed Village Green to provide an all weather track.

The meet was an outstanding success as discussed with Nevesh Rhamdani (Course Manager) and Lindsay Murphy (ATC General Manager) as follows :

  • Fast track times, it was commented that the Clock Counter will need to be reset.
  • Reduced track impact, after 8 races the track still looked fresh. Village Green reduced the impact to the profile through grass strength and cushioning and a strong foundation from the Strathayr profile.
  • Reduced track divots evident from little activity from staff repairing divots between races.
  • Horses came from all over to win, confidence from all over the width of the track.
  • And still to come, All Weather Racing, due to the high drainage characteristics of the profile.
  • But most important, very happy jockeys and trainers, with positive comments as the jockeys leave the track after racing.

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