Village Green Turf

Village Green Premium Kikuyu is a turf variety that not only looks good, but withstands wear, is very active in winter and is tolerant of drought and low fertiliser environments. Best of all your grassed areas will stay green and soft all year round and maintains a dense cover that stops weeds.

Village Green Premium Kikuyu is a turf like no other. Named after the typical English “village green” but selected in Australia for Australian conditions, its keeps it’s colour long after the rain has stopped. If is drought-tolerant, has good winter growth, is hardy and has a soft, dense cover – literally a turf for all seasons. Village Green turf is quick to establish due to its deep root system highly durable and easy to maintain.

Wherever you need a green, tough turf – sports fields, public places, even your own backyard – Village Green is the answer. Consider the following outstanding features.

Village Green Turf Features

Village Green turf was tested under Australian conditions to meet the needs of councils, sporting organisations and business

Village Green turf is Winter active, so you can plant in late autumn and save water. It has a massive root system making it the perfect turf grass for these water-wise times

Village Green turf maintains its deep green colour and soft cover all year round. It recovers well from wear and tear making, it versatile for use on sports ovals, public spaces, race tracks and beyond.

Village Green Turf Benefits

  • Turf Type – A Superior selection of Kikuya
  • Colour – Deep green and active all year round
  • Wear and Tear – A tight internal spacing that means a tough dense cover that tolerates and recovers quickly from wear
  • Drought Tolerance – tolerates and recovers quickly from dry conditions due to its massive root system
  • Weed Tolerance – smothers weeds due to dense cover
  • Invasiveness – Village Green is seedless and maintains its cover without being invasive
  • Fertiliser Use – Best applied late autumn to maintain winter colour
  • Mowing Requirements – Every 10 to 14 days in summer and infrequently during winter.

The Village Greens advantage over regular kikuyu grass.

  • Double the root volume for more efficient uptake of nutrients and water than regular Kikuyu grass.
  • 30% thicker stolons for greater sod strength and better survival than regular Kikuyu grass.
  • 45% shorter internode length for higher density than regular Kikuyu grass.
  • Improved winter colour for year ’round quality than regular Kikuyu grass.

Download Village Green brochure here 

M Collins is a Certified Village Green Grower

To make sure your Village Green Premium Kikuyu looks great when it is laid, you need to source quality turf from a licensed Village Green supplier such as M Collins. M Collins is guided by a code of practice which ensures your turf when it is delivered is healthy and free of weeds, pests and diseases. All deliveries are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Collins Sports Turf produces Village Green Kikuyu turf using the most up-to-date washing facilities in the country. Kikuyu turf may be harvested as conventional mini-rolls or maxi rolls. All of the company’s sportsturf products are supported with sound technical expertise and service.

Contact us for a free quotation now or orders can be placed at head office on (02) 9774 1544.

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