Washed Sand

M. Collins & Sons is recognised as a major provider of Washed Sand materials within the sporting Industry.

A highly graded sand suitable for many different applications. Washed Sand has an element of sharp silica which means it won’t pack down and is free draining. Silver to white colouring makes it an ideal choice for use in bunkers. Its weight helps to keep it in the bunker and not be susceptible to wind disturbance.
Washed Sand is great for concrete products, paving, mortar and render mixes. Used extensively in the golf industry as a bunker sand.

Washed Sand Features:

  • Washed and screened
  • 100% clean and contaminant free
  • A high specification sand for strong concrete manufacture

Stronger bond created by angular shaped particle size.

Washed Sand available for delivery by our fleet of modern trucks to your site. Collins can handle the construction and distribution of materials or you can arrange it yourself. Small and large orders available (15-33T).

If you would like more information and pricing on Washed Sand you can Contact Us Here > or call our head office on (02) 9774 1544.


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