Specialised Turf

M. Collins and Sons’ range of specialized turf products are grown on company owned turf farms at Camden.

They specialize in contract-growing programs to ensure that the highest quality sportsturf products are maintained, harvested and installed when required within strict deadlines.

The range of innovative products include:

MegAyr Sportsturf

A unique, reinforced turf product produced to the depth of 45mm and available in rolls of 1.0m width and up to 5.0m in length. Specified where high wearing and stable sportsturf is required for a high quality applications.

Washed Sportsturf

Our Legend couchgrass can be washed free of all soil material to ensure a rapid rate of root growth and thus minimal establishment period.

Ryegrass Blend

Ryegrass blend.
For the winter protection and greater aesthetics of a sportsturf surface, our couchgrass and kikuyu is available with oversown ryegrass.

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